Colombia Pitalito

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Colombia Pitalito

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Notes- Flavours of dark berries, intense coca, toffee and malt. Full body finishing with a delicate sweetness.

Colombia is the fourth largest coffee producing country in the world and is well known for it. 

Located in the far south of Huila, Pitalito is a renowned region of high quality coffee. 

Grown at around 1700masl the climate is slightly cooler which ensures the cherries develop at a slower rate and are able to absorb all of the sugars and acids of the fruit, which are then transferred to the cup.

Classic dependable flavours and quality make this one a hit with home espresso drinkers.

Roast Type- Darker side of medium
Region- Pitalito region
Altitude- 1500 to 1900masl
Varietal- Caturra, Typica, Bourbon
Process Method-Fully Washed

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