8 Coffee Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

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8 Coffee Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

1. Whats an Ibrik?

Have you ever heard of an using an Ibrik to brew coffee? Even the most widely educated coffee aficionados sometimes don’t know that one. In fact, an ibrik is a copper pot with a long handle that’s used to both serve and brew Turkish coffee.


2. Java and Mocha Coffee?

Most people assume that Mocha and Java get their names from places where they’re where coffee is grown. But in reality, they get their names from their ports of origin!

Java is an island in Indonesia that was introduced to coffee by the Dutch in the 1600s and Mocha is a port in Yemen that was famed for exporting coffee beans to the world since the 1450s.

3. Why did Ottomans once ban coffee?

While the above mentioned Turkish coffee gets its name from the Ottoman empire that helped spread it around the world; at one point, this country actually banned coffee altogether!
Supposedly they found its stimulating effects to be unusual and drinking coffee was then banned and punishable by death!


4. When did instant coffee appear?

Instant coffee is one of the less grandiose ways to consume a cup of Joe; but it’s still one of the most practical. You’ll be surprised to learn that the first instant coffee version appeared in England all the way back in 1771!



5. Who drinks the most coffee?

Your average barista may be surprised to learn that Finnish people drink the most coffee in the entire world; more than 12 kilograms each year, per person! That’s as much as three times compared to the average citizen of the Australia.


6. What did people drink for breakfast before coffee?

If you thought that tea was the other logical breakfast drink before the widespread appearance of coffee — think again! In most cases, they actually drank beer and this goes all the way back to ancient Greece.



7. What does coffee help with that?

Many studies indicate that coffee can reduce the risk of all kinds of diseases, such as Alzhemier’s, cancer, and general heart disease.


8. American grown coffee?

Coffee was brought to the USA by the British in the early 18th century with Hawaii bring the main growing area. The early 2000s saw California start is own plantations.

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