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How to make Stovetop Percolator offee and hy the Bialetti Stovetop Moka Express should be in every kitchen.

For the last 100 years Bialetti have been known for their remarkable and affordable brewing devices. For those who are looking to create an incredible shot of espresso or a mug of espresso-style coffee at home, few devices are better than the Bialetti Stovetop Moka Express.



Who Is Bialetti?

Italian company Bialetti were formed in 1919 by metal worker Alfonso Bialetti in Crusinallo, Italy. Alfonso plied his trade making semi-finished goods in aluminum, which turned into a studio for designing and producing finished items using shell molding. It wasn’t until 1933 that Alfonso invented the ubiquitous 8-sided Moka pot. Their patented design defuses heat perfectly for enhanced coffee flavour and aroma. More than 300 million Stovetop Moka Espress’s have been sold worldwide and 9 in 10 Italian homes is said to have a Moka pot.


How Does the Moka Express Work?

The Stovetop Moka Express is placed on the stove top or open flame. The water in the bottom chamber heats up, creating steam. This steam creates internal pressure in the bottom chamber that forces boiling water up through the bed of finely ground coffee into the top chamber where it is ready to be poured. The Stovetop Moka Express creates about 1-2 bars of pressure, whereas a traditional espresso machine operates at 9 bar. This means that while you won’t get the same mouthfeel as a café espresso, you will get the same flavour.



Why Should I Use the Stovetop Moka Express?

The Bialetti Stovetop Moka Express is the easiest and cheapest way to make espresso style coffee at home. The coffee created by the Moka Express is strong and rich and it is considered to be the closest coffee to café espresso – but without the expensive coffee machine.



Using the Stovetop Moka Express

Despite its intricate design, the Moka Express is easy to use. To begin, you simply fill the lower chamber with cold water, insert the funnel and fill it with ground espresso roasted coffee, then screw the upper pot to the base. After this, you place the Moka Express onto the stovetop directly and begin the boiling process. Leave the Moka Express on the stovetop until the water inside begins to boil and coffee begins to show at the center post. At this point, you will carefully remove the pot from the heat, and then pour it into a mug for you to enjoy!



If you have been on the market for a way to make espresso-style coffee at home, look no further. The Bialetti Stovetop Moka Express makes brewing your very own espresso a cheap and easy process. Say goodbye to having to leave the house for your morning wake up call. With the Moka Express, you can enjoy a nice shot of espresso and all of its incredible flavors from the comfort of your own kitchen, and at a price that you can afford too! For the best possible coffee, it really does help to trust the experts.


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Bialetti Stovetop Moka Express Brew Guide – 3 cup guide.

Step 1

Grind 20gms of Fox Coffee finely. Just a bit coarser than you would for an espresso machine.


Step 2
Fill the bottom chamber with filtered water, this can be cold or hot (we recommend hot water just off the boil).

Make sure you fill to just below the pressure release valve.


Step 3
Fill the pots basket with the finely ground coffee and place the basket in the bottom chamber.


Step 4
Screw on the top spouted chamber.


Step 5
Place pot on the stove-top on a medium high heat.


Step 6
When the water in the bottom chamber boils the steam pressure will push the boiled water through the bed of coffee and ooze out into the top pouring chamber.

The coffee has stopped brewing when you hear a hissing sound, and no more coffee is pouring into the chamber.

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