Able Brewing Disk Filter for AeroPress (reusable)


The Able Brewing disk is designed to be used with the AeroPress coffeemaker.

This reusable disk allows more of the desirable oils through, so you end up with a fuller and richer cup of coffee.

The Able Brewing disk is perfect for travellers or office workers as it doesn’t take up any additional space.

Many people find that the AeroPress paper filters can leave an undesirable taste in the cup.



Standard- Allows more “fines” into the cup creating a fuller bodied cup. The disk is physically thicker and can withstand many years of use.

Fine- Little to no “fines” in the cup, creating a cleaner and sweeter coffee. 1/3 thinner than the Standard filter. Should be handled with care.



  • Creates a fuller bodied richer coffee
  • 100% reusable, no more wasting papers 
  • Fits AeroPress coffee maker
  • Perfect for Travelling and Office use
  • Made in the USA