PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Adapter for Aeropress

The budget way to turn your AeroPress into a Cold Drip tower.

The PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Adapter works by attaching an adjustable plastic disk to the AeroPress.

The twist drip valve allows for controlled slow dripping of water over the bed of coffee, creating a unique cold drip coffee that can be drunk straight up or with milk.

The affordable, pocketable PUCKPUCK attachment has a screw valve that’s almost infinitely adjustable, allowing you to fully control the extraction rate of your brew.

The PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Adapter is threaded and compatible with leading brands of mineral water bottles.

This attachment is perfect for those wanting to create cold drip at home or in the office without the need to buy expensive cold drip towers.

It would alose be a nice addition to the camping set up.



  • Simple and Affordable
  • Made from food grade (BPA free) plastics
  • Create unique cold drip coffee
  • Fits in Your Pocket
  • 500ml plastic water VESSEL included