Colombian Decafe

Grind Type

Flavour Profile:
Toffee, chocolate and caramel
Acidity- Soft
Perfect For- Home espresso machine, Plunger, Stovetop, Coldbrew, Clever dripper


Lots of coffee lovers drink decaf for various reasons and we want you to know that you have not been forgotten! We take care of our decaf drinkers and don't try to pass off cheap coffee or roast it poorly just because it's decaffeinated.

We take a different approach to decaf coffee because you clearly love the taste of flavourful coffee and just don't want the caffeine.

We start with Premium Speciality 100% Arabica Colombian coffee beans to craft the perfect brew and then they go through a process called Swiss Water Process that removes the caffeine without using any chemicals. This way 99.9% of the caffeine is removed leaving you with a delicious, medium to dark profile cup of decaf coffee.

With or without milk it’s a terrific decaf coffee with notes of toffee, chocolate and caramel that will pass the test for any coffee lover.

Perfect for home espresso machines, plungers, stovetop (Moka Pots), and cold brew devices.

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