Honduras San Francisco Espresso Roast

Grind Type

This whole bean coffee comes from the Marcala region of Honduras.

This delicious coffee has notes of caramel, brown sugar and orange.

Despite lacking the “sexy” reputation of other Central American coffee-growing countries like Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala, Honduras has quietly become a big producer, exporting more volume than any other nation in the region, and the seventh overall in the world for exports.

The prominence of quality competitions and high-profile auctions such as the Cup of Excellence has inspired larger and wealthier producers to plant new varieties, experiment with processing, and make improvements to their technique and infrastructure.


Tasting Notes:

Flavour- Caramel, Brown Sugar and Orange.
Body- Rich sweetness
Finish- Light spice


  • How to best use this product- Home Espresso Machine, Plunger, Stove Top (Moka Pot), Cold Brew, Cold Drip



    • 100% Honduras
    • Region:Marcala 
    • Altitude:1500masl
    • Varietal: Catuai
    • Process Method: Washed