HARIO V60 Dripper White Ceramic 01 Cup

The HARIO V60 Dripper White Ceramic makes delicious coffee in just minutes.

Not only is the ceramic body is attractive but also helps to maintains a steady brewing temperature giving you more control

The coffee made by the HARIO V60 Dripper White Ceramic is sweet and bitter free and is due to its spiral ribs that allow for maximum coffee expansion.

Pair the V60 with Hario's V60 Filters for a crisp, sediment-free cup of coffee.

The HARIO V60 Dripper White Ceramic is an easy to use hands-on brewing device.




    • Spiral ribs allow for maximum coffee expansion
    • Durable ceramic body
    • Sweet and bitter-free coffee
    • Easy to use hands-on brewing device
    • Designed and manufactured in Japan


    To achieve the best flavour, wet the paper filter first, add the coffee grounds (medium grind) and pour in a circular motion, over the freshly ground coffee.  A gooseneck kettle is recommended for accuracy and control.  This 03 size dripper yields 1-4 cups.  Included in the box is a "how to brew" manual and free measuring spoon.  


    How to Brew a Hario V60-