Bialetti Mini Express 2 Cup + Blend Brew Bundle + Free Shipping = Save 10%

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Bialetti Mini Express 2 Cup 

Sleek and modern, the Bialetti Mini Express 2 Cup brews up strong espresso style coffee at home without the expense or confusion of a complicated espresso machine.

It works by forcing hot water through the coffee bed under pressure, sending the espresso through the spout and into your cup destined for your taste buds to wake you up and get you going. As your cup sits on the platform awaiting the espresso, it slowly warms, which keeps your espresso from cooling off too quickly.

The Bialetti Mini Express 2 Cup works on both gas and electric cooktops. It is also great for hiking and camping, it only requires water and an open flame. No electricity needed-espresso at the campsite for an elegant way to start your adventures or top off a campfire meal.


Choose your Coffee Blend-


Crafted Blend:

Flavour-Sweet milk chocolate, toffee, hazelnuts
Acidity- Smooth & low
Body- Buttery
Finish- Candied hazelnuts


Dusk Blend:

Flavour-Cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, fudge
Acidity- Low
Body- Bold & rich
Finish- Mud cakey


Hunter Blend:

Flavour- Dark chocolate, spice, brown sugar
Acidity- Mellow
Body- Full & smooth
Finish-Lingering spice


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