Bodum Plunger French Press



  • Easy to use, clean and store - all you have to do is press!
  • No-fuss design - Its simple to control the brewing variables
  • Perfect for beginners - Effortless to use
  • Make more - Can brew a variety of cup sizes
  • Fast – Brews in 4min   


  • Brew rich, full-bodied coffee in 4 minutes
  • All in one system -no paper filters needed
  • Attractive Black finish
  • Easy clean, 3-part stainless steel design
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Lid to prevent spilling and controls temperature
  • Designed in ultra-light, heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • Handle and plunger knob made of BPA free glass
  • Available in 3 cup or 8 cup style

Bodum, a name synonymous with coffee and delicious results, has perfected the French Press Plunger style for your home brewing enjoyment.

It brews premium coffee in just 4 minutes, all you need to do is add the coffee of your choice, hot water, and plunge.

The classic design of the Bodum French Press Plunger has not changed since its introduction in the 1950's making it an icon in the world of brewing. The only changes have been in its environmentally friendly manufacturing.

The Bodum Plunger French Press brews premium quality coffee in just 4 minutes. Just add coffee, hot water, and plunge.

The Bodum Plunger has a mesh filter that extracts just the right amount of oils for each brew for maximum flavour resulting in a strong full-bodied cup that novice and experienced brewers alike will delight in.


The simplest route to an excellent cup of coffee: coarsely ground coffee, hot water, wait for 4 minutes and press down the plunger.


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