Burundi Dusbizitekikawa Filter Roast

Flavour Profile:
Flavour- Caramel, Brown Sugar, Apricot
Acidity-  Slight Fruit
Body-  Medium
Finish- Smooth
Process Method- Washed
Perfect For- Pour Over, Chemex, V60, Drip, Black Cold Brew

Coffee accounts for 69% of Burundi’s total exports.

In 1994, the government commenced privatisation of the industry and small cooperatives began to appear with plans to build their own pulping & washing stations.

However, survival for independent coops was challenging and producers’ needs were difficult to meet. So, in 2012, several cooperatives banded together to create COCOCA (Consortium of Coffee Cooperatives).

Today, the union boasts 33 cooperatives with over 27,000 members, 34 Washing Stations and a dry mill, representing approx. 15% of Burundi’s coffee exports.

One such coop is located on Buyengero Hill within the Rumonge Province of Southwestern Burundi, called Dusubizitekikawa Coop.

Their name translates to “Coffee is our dignity, love and respect it!” Formed in 2013 by a group of smallholder producers at Buyengero, Dusubizitekikawa Coop built Ntita washing station in 2015 and simultaneously joined COCOCA.

By 2017 they had achieved a placing in the nation’s Cup of Excellence with a score of 87.57.

The region is blessed with high altitude and rich soils of the Congo-Nile Crater Mountains that require no additional fertilizers to achieve consistently impressive results. For 2021’s harvest they counted 410 growers, 70 of which are women, that each delivered their cherries daily to Ntita for processing.

As COCOCA members, they benefit from enhanced resources such as agronomist support, marketing, education and funding assistance, in addition to a strong network with the global specialty roasting community.

Currently, they are directing a portion of profits towards rehabilitating Muyama Cooperative Road.