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Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper incorporates the best features of immersion brewing with the purity of filter paper brewing.

It combines control over steeping time with a sediment-free cup.

As with all filter brewing methods, you directly control the water temperature, water to coffee ratio and the infusion time for the perfect cup.

The secret is the one-way stopping valve that allows you to trap the water in the brewing cone that will open once placed on a cup or decanting container.

This coffee maker is easy to operate making it perfect for home or office use. It also comes with a plate to rest it on and a lid to help retain heat while steeping.


Please note : We recommend a coarse grind for optimal use of the Clever Dripper.

So choose a Plunger grind when selecting a grind option.


Choose your Coffee Blend-


Crafted Blend:

Flavour-Sweet milk chocolate, toffee, hazelnuts
Acidity- Smooth & low
Body- Buttery
Finish- Candied hazelnuts


Dusk Blend:

Flavour-Cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, fudge
Acidity- Low
Body- Bold & rich
Finish- Mud cakey


Hunter Blend:

Flavour- Dark chocolate, spice, brown sugar
Acidity- Mellow
Body- Full & smooth
Finish-Lingering spice


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