CoffeeSock Reusable Cold Brew Filter

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Providing a refreshing alternative to expensive, disposable paper filters and nylon sacks, the CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter is superbly economical – and produces a great cup of coffee! Carefully made in Austin Texas using certified organic cotton, this filter singlehandedly out-performs virtually any paper alternative. Resulting in premium taste every time, the structure of this filter is what makes it truly stand out.


Able to absorb excess oil from your chosen coffee beans yet allowing essential acids to pass through, the end result is a clear, crisp cup of coffee super rich in flavour. And unlike paper, the organic cotton of this filter will never impact the taste of your coffee, allowing you to experience the true deliciousness of your beans without that standard paper-like taste. Reusable and kind to the planet, the CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter couldn’t be easier to use. Simply empty the grounds when you’re done, rinse, and hang to dry ready to be used again.



  • Reusable - Great for the environment
  • Robust cotton construction - Save money on single-use filters
  • Economical way to start brewing cold brew
  • Cotton won't impart undesirable paper taste



  • Made from organic cotton - a responsibly produced, renewable resource
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Easy clean-up - just empty grounds, rinse and hang to thoroughly dry
  • High quality and less expensive than many market alternatives
  • Brews and stores up to 6 cups of coffee concentrate


    How to use the CoffeeSock Reusable Cold Brew Filter-