Comandante Hand Coffee Grinder - Wedge Wood

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Whether you’re brewing classic French Press or flavoursome Turkish coffee, the Comandante Hand Coffee Grinder is a real force to be reckoned with. Super stylish yet durable, the precision this grinder provides is simply second-to-none. Fitted with a cutting-edge burr set inspired by advanced research, the structure of the Nitro blade has been specifically crafted to ensure premium grind performance every time – no matter your coffee of choice.


Able to produce a grind that’s precisely uniform without throwing your kitchen into a cloud of coffee dust, the Nitro blade offers impressive longevity and excellent resistance to damage. A must-have companion for true coffee enthusiasts who love nothing more than crafting their perfect cup from start to finish, the Comandante Hand Coffee Grinder has been built from the foundations of dedicated research – and the results speak for themselves!



  • Market leading coffee particle size grinding – Essential to brew uniformity
  • More lively tasting coffee compared to pre-ground coffee options
  • Grind on demand - Use only what you need
  • Portable - Brew fresh coffee outdoors
  • Cheaper than automatic coffee grinders



  • High-alloyed, high-nitrogen stainless steel burrs – for extended life and stellar grinding quality.
  • Double axle bearings – coffee grounds uniform in size extract evenly to brew more balanced coffee.
  • Wedge wood
  • 100% natural oak knob
  • Grind setting dial – easy to repeat setting adjustment to make switching grind sizes painless and quick.
  • 40g capacity
  • Weight 740g
  • Conical burrs 39mm