El Salvador Finca Himalaya Supersonic Filter Roast

Grind Type

This whole bean coffee comes from the Ataco region of El Salvador.

This delicious coffee has flavours of dark chocolate, orange and stone fruits

Farmer Mauricio Salaverria has worked very hard to create a special Natural Process profile they called ‘Supersonic’.

This profile is like a “fruit bomb”, with notes like cherries, blueberries, strawberry, juicy currants, and high panela sweetness with a big creamy body.

To achieve this, Mauricio uses his farming skills to select which one of his lots will be perfect for this profile. The cherries can come from one or a combination of different farms.

All coffees picked on the same date are placed on African beds creating a thick layer, approximately 30cm.


Tasting Notes:

Flavour- Dark chocolate, Orange, Stone Fruits
Acidity- Red Apple
Body-  Full
Finish- Sweet


  • How to best use this product- AeroPress, Pour Over, Drip, Chemex, Plunger (hold the milk)



  • 100% El Salvador
  • Region: Ataco
  • Altitude: 1500masl
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Pacas
  • Process Method: Natural