Ethiopia Bulga Sidamo

Grind Type

Mokanesa Bulga is located in West Arsi, that is now formally registered as its own zone, like Yirgacheffe, Guji, Sidamo.

Grown by 2,000 smallholder producers who contribute their harvests to the Mokonisa Bulga washing station.

Sidamo features a wide variety of coffee flavours. Many different grades of both washed and unwashed coffees are produced, and there can be striking differences from town to town.

Varying soil types, microclimates, and especially the countless heirloom coffee tree varietals make for a kaleidoscope of different flavours.

Another striking characteristic of Sidamo coffees is that even the washed coffees often retain a salient fruity characteristic while having much more clarity and brightness than their unwashed counterparts.


Flavour Profile:
Flavour-Orange, Plum, Bergamot
Acidity- Orange tartness
Body-  Light
Finish- Floral
Process Method  - Washed



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