Fellow Atmos Coffee Vacuum Storage Canister 1.2L

Matte Black
Matte White


  • Keeps coffee beans up to 50% fresher
  • Prevents unwanted moister and odours
  • Simple press discharge button
  • Stores up to 500g of coffee beans
  • Increase the life out of your coffee beans.


  • Airtight storage to .05 atmospheres
  • Attractive matte black finish
  • Durable stainless steel canister body
  • Easy silicone twist lid

Oxygen is the enemy to fresh coffee and robs your brew of its full potential. Atmos banishes air, moisture, and odours to stop your beans from prematurely aging before you’ve enjoyed the whole bag.

Twisting the lid back and forth sucks the air out to prevent oxidation and extends coffee’s shelf life up to 50%.

The integrated pump means no more hunting down a separate piece. To open the canister, just press down on the button on the top of the lid and hear the air rush back into atmos as the pressure equalizes.

Watch the dot drop to reveal a green ring. The vacuum is now locked to prevent oxidation and extend the shelf life of your coffee. The vacuum lock indicator drops once 0.7 atmospheres of pressure has been achieved inside of the canister. If you continue to engage the lid to pull more air out, it can drop down to as low as 0.5 atmosphere

Press the easy release button on the lid to unlock and bring the air pressure back to normal. 

When left unopened atmos' seal will keep air out for around a week in-between brews. For daily/weekly use, atmos will extend your coffee's shelf life up to 50% and prevent unwanted moisture and odours.