Frieling Coffee for One Filter

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  • Environmentally friendly - No Need For Paper Filters
  • All In One System - No Accessories Needed 
  • Perfect For Brewing Outdoors
  • Easy to Use- No Pouring Tecniquiens Required
  • Beginner Brewer Friendly 



  • 100% chemically neutral 23-karat gold filter
  • Made out of BPA-free plastic
  • Easy Use Water Regulator For Even Water Distribution 
  • Lightweight

Specifically designed with simplicity and outstanding coffee quality in mind, the Frieling Coffee for One Filter gives you the power to create the perfect cup of coffee in less than three minutes – without spending an unfair fortune. Made-up of just four parts including a secure lid, water regulator, brewing chamber and a 23-karat gold fine mesh filter, this elegant device is guaranteed to impress.


Its 23-karat gold filter is 100% chemically neutral, meaning it won’t impair the taste of your brew. Guaranteeing perfect-tasting coffee every time, this permanent filter is reusable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Say goodbye to spending money on daily paper filters! Better still, the built-in water regulator ensures even water distribution over your coffee grounds, meaning virtually no pouring skill or technique is required to brew a delicious mug of coffee. Lightweight and easy to be taken on-the-go, the Frieling Coffee for One Filter is the perfect choice for coffee lovers everywhere who don’t want to brew a full pot every time. 

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