Guatemala Finca Concepcion (Filter Roast)

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Flavour Profile:

Flavour-Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Pecan
Process Method- Honey

Perfect For- Pour Over, Chemex, V60, Drip, Black Cold Brew


Bernardo Solano owns this 129 hectare farm in the Chimaltenango region of Guatremala.

He has 100 hectares planted in coffee. 

Bernardo is an innovator in processing in the region and experiments with all processes at this farm. He has built infrastructure to support the meticulous implementation of the most progressive practices here. 

San Martin Jilotepeque is an incredibly beautiful area in Guatemala.

This area was home to the Chajoma Kaqchikel kingdom whose capital city’s ruins can still be seen today at the archeological site of Jilotepeque Viejo.

Nearly 90% of the population here identify as Mayan. 

Annually Bernardo produces about 15,000 kgs of coffee