Kenya Kiaga AB

Grind Type

This whole bean coffee comes from the Nyeri region of Kenya.

This delicious coffee has flavours of Blackcurrant, Grape and Red Berries

Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society has its own dry mill located in Gatuyaini. This is where all the coffee processed in the various wet mills is taken for further processing. After milling is done, the coffee is packed in export bags.

The Society has a cupping laboratory where quality analysis is done by a qualified cupper before the coffee is taken to the warehouse ready for marketing, and a producer membership of around 550 farmers (430 men and 120 women).


Tasting Notes:

Flavour- Blackcurrant, Grape, Red Berries
Acidity- Citrus
Body-  Deep
Finish-  Winey


  • How to best use this product- Home Espresso Machine, Plunger, Stove Top (Moka Pot), Cold Brew, Cold Drip



  • 100% Kenyan 
  • Region: Nyeri
  • Altitude:1900masl
  • Varietal: SL28 / SL 34
  • Process Method: Washed