PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Adapter for Aeropress


  • Create unique cold drip coffee - Upgrade your coffee drinking style
  • Affordable - You can spend hundreds on expensive cold drip towers
  • Compact unit - Fits right in your pocket, perfect for travellers
  • Brew up a big batch - Cold Drip can be stored for unto 2 weeks!



  • Made from food grade (BPA free) plastics
  • Create unique cold drip coffee
  • Fits in your pocket
  • 500ml plastic water vessel included
  • 4cm tall x 6.8cm wide
  • Included splash filter for assisted water dispersion
  • Comes in PUCKPUCK blue colour
  • Free Drip Counter App - Apple / Android
  • Only works with the AeroPress® Coffee Maker (not included)

Easily turn your AeroPress into a Cold Drip Tower without breaking the bank. The PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Adapter works by attaching an adjustable plastic disk to the AeroPress. The patent-pending, twist drip valve allows for controlled, slow dripping that will create a crisp, delicious cold drip coffee that can be enjoyed straight, over ice or with milk.

The affordable PUCKPUCK has a screw style valve that is fully adjustable enabling you to accurately control the extracting rate of your brew. The PUCKPUCK is also threaded to be compatible with many styles of mineral water bottles.

Fully portable, the PUCKPUCK makes an excellent companion for camping, hiking, and travelling.


    Simply add your coffee to the AeroPress chamber, add the PuckPuck splash filter, attach your PUCKPUCK vessel or the top half of a mineral water bottle, adjust your drip rate and in 2-3 hours you’ll have a café quality brew.

    The PUCKPUCK was developed by PUCKPUCK Ltd. and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by AeroPress, Inc.

    AeroPress® Coffee Maker is a registered trademark of AeroPress, Inc 


    What is a PUCKPUCK and How Does it Work?