Rwanda Kabirizi Filter Roast

Grind Type

Flavour Profile:
Flavour- Toffee, Floral, Citrus
Acidity- Citrus
Body- Medium
Finish- Zesty
Process Method- Washed
Perfect For-Pour Over, Chemex, V60, Drip, Black Cold Brew

As most African coffee-producing countries (with the exception of Ethiopia), Rwanda was planted in coffee by colonial interests from Europe in order to supply the booming market back on their home continent.

High-yield, low-cost varieties were introduced in the 1930s and made compulsory to farmers by Belgian colonials, offering little in the way of quality incentive or development: Coffee was intended to be a cheap commodity available in abundance, and the colonial government held strict mandates over exports in addition to imposing very high taxes on growers, practically enslaving them to the industry.

Roughly 75 percent of the landmass of Rwanda is used for agriculture, and more than 35 percent of its population are subsistence farmers, many of whom rely on coffee for at least a portion of their income.