Single Origin Tasting Pack 1kg, 2kg or 4kg (up to 20% off & Free Shipping!)

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  • 4 Unique Single Origin Coffees from the most exotic growing regions in the world!

  • Perfect for all brewing devices.

  • Discover new and wonderful flavours.

  • 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans.

  • Each origin has its own taste and flavour nuances. We painstakingly roast each coffee in small batch sizes to ensure optimal roasting accuracy and bean development.

  • Roasted in Brisbane, Australia on a state of the art Probatone P12 Roaster.
  • Fast Dispatch- Order before 1pm Mon-Fri and your order leaves THAT DAY.
  • 24hrs Old - We roast every day, so your coffee is as fresh as possible when it leaves us.


Would you like to try a single-origin but don't know which is for you?

Try our hand selected single-oring beans in 1kg size tasting pack (4 x 250g), large 2kg (4 x 500g) or, extra large 4kg (4 x 1kg) packs

These coffees score 84+ on the SCAA chart and are from the best farms in the most notable growing regions in the world.

All our coffees are roasted on a state of the art Probatone P12 roaster and use cutting edge Cropster roasting software to re-create the perfect roast time after time.

Not only can we grind these coffees any way you like, but we’ll ship them anywhere in Australia for free!

These coffees are roasted to an “espresso” roast profile - Meaning that they are perfect to use in a home espresso machine, stove top (Moka) pot, plunger, and cold brewers.


In this pack, you’ll receive-


Brazil Santa Lucia

Flavour- Sweet caramel, chocolate, marzipan
Acidity- Mellow
Body- Creamy
Finish- Caramelised nuts


El Salvadore Los Pirineos

Flavour- Creamy toffee, chocolate and orange
Acidity- Deft
Body- Creamy & sweet
Finish- M&M's


Costa Rica La Chumeca

Flavour- Chocolate, Almond Butter, Burnt Sugar
Acidity- Low
Body- Full & Strong
Finish- Clean

Brazil Aurum Dark

Flavour- Cacao, Roasted Nuts, Full Bodied
Acidity- Low
Body- Full 
Finish- Sweet & Strong

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