10 common myths about coffee

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10 common myths about coffee

Coffee is one of those everyday drinks that absolutely everyone talks about, which is why there are plenty of myths going around about it. And that’s why we’re going to share some of the truths and myths about this incredible, tasty beverage!

Dehydrates you - False

Many people believe that coffee dehydrates you but in fact, studies that have been performed show no signs of that being true. Plus, let’s not forget that water makes up almost 99% of the average coffee cup. Naturally, coffee can’t replace water — but it doesn’t lessen it either.

Sobering - False

If there’s one thing a drunk person will reach for to sober up — it’s a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, the sobering effects of coffee are a myth. While you’ll be more awake after you drink it, coffee can’t lessen the amount of alcohol in your blood.


Espresso is strongest - True

Espresso lovers are quick to tell you that it contains the most caffeine of any coffee beverage. This is true. More caffeine is extracted in Espresso brewing due to hot water working better at pulling caffeine out than cold water. A standard Espresso shot contains up to 50gms of caffeine per oz compared Cold Brew which is only 12.5mg.

It will stop you from sleeping – Depends

While coffee can keep you awake, for most people its effects only last a maximum of six hours after you consume it. Plus, it reaches its full effects within a single hour; everything after that is the coffee slowly being eliminated from your system. So even a coffee at 3pm will leave your system by bedtime.

Coffee is addictive – Depends

There is some merit to this myth, a 2013 caffeine dependency study concluded: “Recent clinical studies show that a nontrivial proportion of caffeine users develops clinically meaningful features of caffeine dependence, including a persistent desire or unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control caffeine use”. While most consumers have no problems with caffeine, it still needs to be used in moderation.

Pregnant women shouldn’t drink coffee – Depends

This is one of those situations where people are, understandably, more conservative in their estimates. Pregnant women metabolize caffeine 1.5-3.5 times slower and there is some evidence that 200mg+ of caffeine per day can increase harm in pregnancy. Doctors advise to consume it in moderation by limiting it to one 6oz (80mg caffeine) coffee per day; speak to your health professional if in any doubt.

You need to boil the water first - False

There are definitely benefits to boiling your water while you brew coffee. For one, cold water doesn’t make for a great brew because it hinders the extraction process. Also, bringing the water to boiling point purifies it of any imperfections.

However, once it has boiled — let it cool for one minute before pouring the coffee with it. Perfect brewing temperature is 92-94c, that way you will get the optimal quality and taste.

Dark roasts are stronger - False

Many people prefer dark roasts because they seemingly contain more caffeine. However, that is completely wrong in reality and actually, it’s completely the opposite. Dark roasts actually contain less caffeine, when you dark roast coffee it simply roasts the caffeine out of the bean. The reason people believe that they’re stronger than lighter roasts is because they tend to have a rich, strong flavor.

You should keep coffee in the freezer - False

There are too many people that keep their coffee in the freezer because they believe it’s the best way to preserve it. In reality, all you need to do is to keep it away from any moisture, light and oxygen. And while a freezer partially does that — each time you pull it out of the freezer to take some beans, the change in temperature will result in moisture and condensation. What you want to do instead is to keep the coffee in a snap lock bag (usually the bag it arrives in) or a  vacuum container.

Coffee helps when losing weight -False

As much as we’d like this one to be true at least partially — it’s still a myth. There is no evidence from scientific experiments and studies to suggest that coffee has any effect on weight loss at all.

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