How to brew a Clever Dripper FAST!

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How to brew a Clever Dripper FAST!

So simple.


When we fist opened Fox and before we bought a Moccamaster we had 3 Clever Drippers on the go as our batch brew option.

Sturdy design and no need for a fancy kettle. 

Just dump the hot water in and let it do its thing. 

It's kind of like a Plunger, but without the plunging.

The paper filter is the hero with this style of brewing.

Just make sure you pre-wet it. If you skip this, you get a papery taste in your finished coffee. 

Not as many oils get through a paper filter as a metal one, so your brew has more sweetness and clarity.

It won’t have the 'strength' of a plunger though.

Particularly good for light roast coffee's to be drunk black - but not exclusively.

What I love about this style of black coffee is it gets tastier as it cools - so no need to guzzle it.

24gms Coarsely ground coffee (plunger grind is good)
400ml 95c Water
1min Break the crust - not necessary but I think it gives you a little more sweetness.
4min Brew time


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