Wholesale Coffee Supply Brisbane

We’re coffee experts, not coffee jerks.

We understand that starting a coffee business is a scary and difficult process.

We understand swapping coffee suppliers is a decision not to be taken lightly.

We understand that you might not know much about the intricacies of the coffee industry, brewing, or roasting coffee.

We understand how judgmental the coffee industry can be.

Fox Coffee makes starting, running, and growing a coffee business easy in a non-jerk way.

Fox Coffee knows that your needs are different to others, and we tailor our offer specifically to you.

From choosing a blend and equipment, to coffee bar flow and product pricing, there is stacks to learn about and this is where Fox Coffee excels.

Fox Coffee is a people first business that supports business owners and baristas in making each cup an authentic, quality experience. 

Our focus is to deliver exceptional customer interactions day in day out. This is one of the reasons why Fox Coffee goes to great lengths to ensure our roasted coffee maintains remarkable quality and consistency in each cup.

As a member of the Fox Wholesale family, you will have access to on-site support, in-house training, and even pre-site consultations for your cafe, office, or restaurant.


What we can offer you-

  • Non-judgemental, friendly service and advice.
  • High quality, constant, speciality coffee beans roasted consistently on a state-of-the-art German Probatone coffee roaster.
  • Coffee blends and products tailored to your specific business and business model.
  • Ongoing onsite training. 
  • 15+ years of real-world coffee experience – there’s no question we haven’t been asked.
  • Knowledge in how to grow, run, and maintain a high volume and profitable coffee business.
  • Industry trends and knowledge.
  • Predictable ordering and delivery schedules.
  • Equipment packages and custom blends (by agreement).
  • Expansion and multi-site knowledge.


We love what we do and we hope it shows in every interaction you have with Fox Coffee.


If you want to know more, send us an email to info@foxcoffee.com.au, or, call (07) 32162318.