7 Interesting Coffee Facts!

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7 Interesting Coffee Facts!

All of us love drinking coffee — but did you know that there were plenty of intriguing facts about this drink? If you’re into coffee trivia — read on below!

1. Meaning of Cappuccino

Did you ever think about where the name of the famous cappuccino originated from? Sure, it’s Italian — but the details are actually quite silly. The name of this drink comes from the colour of the cowls on the robes of Capuchin Monks. They had a brown attire that was similar to the colour of the coffee — which is how it got its name!

2. Meaning of Espresso

Many people (mistakenly) think that the name of this coffee means “speed” or “fast” in Italian. But it actually means “to be forced out” — this because of the high pressure that coffee machines work at - up to 9 bar of pressure or 130psi!

Freeze Dried

3. Origins of Freeze-Drying

These days, we pretty much freeze dry all kinds of food; you’d be amazed at the kind of flavors that can be obtained in powder form. However — did you know that all of that started with coffee? In fact, coffee was the first consumable product that was freeze-dried. All you had to do was pour some hot water over the coffee powder and give it a quick stir — and the coffee is ready!

4. World’s Biggest Producer

The origins of coffee can be traced back to ancient Africa; more specifically, Ethiopia — where some of the world’s most famous beans still come from. However, today, the biggest producer and exporter of coffee is Brazil. And even if you knew that, you may be astounded to learn just how much coffee this country produces. In fact, they produce 40% of all the coffee grown in the entire world!

Coffee Producers

5. Most Expensive Coffee

Did you know that the most expensive coffee in the world comes from beans which a Sumatran wild cat eats and excretes? This coffee called Kopi Luwak can cost up to $1000 per kilo! Wow plus eew indeed.

6. How Coffee Grows

We bet that most people don’t know how coffee beans actually grow. No, it’s not a tree — they actually grow on a bush, which needs to grow for about three years before “bearing fruit”.


Coffee Bush

7. Most Common Coffee

So, what is the most common coffee that we drink on a daily basis? There are over 100 coffee species out there but, if you visit the average coffee shop, you will find that out of all the beans — Robusta and Arabica are the most widely drunk.


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