How to Make Coffee in a Plunger | Cheaters Guide

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How to Make Coffee in a Plunger | Cheaters Guide



When I want a hot coffee, this is how I do it 99% of the time. 

I know, I know, it’s coffee blasphemy.

No scales, no pouring technique, crappy Kmart kettle, and even pre-ground coffee. 


Honestly, the more simple the technique sometimes, the better. Less can go wrong. 

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It’s so easy, quick, and really delicious.

The old plunger is a fairly fool proof system. 

Coffee x Hot water x Time. 

I’m not looking for the vibrancy in this coffee, but a full bodied, round, thick and rich brew. Something I can chuck dollops of milk in. 

This is what I’m crying out for when I’m bleary eyed in the morning. Last thing I want to do is think.

The musts when you brew like this- 
Quality coffee
Using the same spoon when dishing out the coffee
4 min brew time
Constant water filling point

Quality coffee is the foundation to your brew. 
Same spoon - If I find the brew is a bit weak or strong, I just add a little more or less coffee to the scoop - a half more or less is enough.
4 min - perfect amount of time to extract the coffee relative to the grind size.
Filling point - Just to keep it consistent and not to change too many things at once. 


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Is this technique perfect? Nope. 

Does it work, yes. 

Brewing at home doesn’t have to be a massive production.

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