How to Make Cold Brew | Cheaters Guide

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How to Make Cold Brew | Cheaters Guide

 *Please not the the finished Cold Brew liquid will be very brewed coffee. The video was created for illustrative purposes only.


Cold Brew – Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot.


Without doubt cold brew is the smoothest way to brew coffee. 


Not a fan of Iced Lattes?


Enter cold brew. 


I remember my first one, the flavour, the richness, the satisfaction. 


I thought, this is exactly how I’d expect cold coffee to taste. 


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No one, should be afraid of this style of brewing, I’d expect 75% of people will enjoy it, maybe not all enough to sway them from their regular Cap or Flatty, but I think the appreciation would be there. 


Cold brewing at home? 


Easy is an understatement.


The only way to stuff it up, would be too much or too little coffee and even then, it would be a little weak or strong, but still drinkable.


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The Hario Mizudashi is my pick for ease, the Toddy probably makes a better brew and makes more volume of coffee concentrate (it’s what we make our in store cold brews on), but there is a layered way you mix the coffee and water that can be annoying, and cleaning up without the domestic coffee bags can also be a hassle. 


I like a coffee with a bit of body, Hunter or Dusk preferred, although an espresso roasted single origin bean can be great too (A nutty Brazil or something with berry notes like a Rwandan or Kenyan). 


The extra bonus of cold brew is it lasts 2 weeks in the fridge. If I worked in an office or wanted something for camping, I’d bring the pot with me or just pre-brew a large batch and bring it with me. 


Love/hate cold brew? Let me know your thoughts below. 

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April 14, 2020

I’ve read you can cold brew in a plunger, but that it is better to use a coarser grind than usual for a plunger? What grind would you recommend?

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