Local Brisbane Coffee Roastery brings tantalisingly rare Coffee Flight Trio from Colombia to Australian Coffee lovers.

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Local Brisbane Coffee Roastery brings tantalisingly rare Coffee Flight Trio from Colombia to Australian Coffee lovers.

October 6, 2022
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Local Brisbane Coffee Roastery brings tantalisingly rare
Coffee Flight Trio from Colombia to Australian Coffee lovers.

Locally loved & rave reviewed Fox Coffee is on a mission to make Coffee simple, yet special. With fresh changes taking place across the business and more to come, the Fox Coffee team and expert roaster Ben Graham are excited to bring their focus to a brand-new Coffee Flight Trio, one which promises to be unlike anything many Coffee drinkers have experienced so far. Introducing El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio, coming to Fox Coffee from Saturday October 22, 2022.
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Pictured L to R: Proposed packaging for El Diviso Colombia Bourbon Sidra, El Diviso Colombia Geisha Honey & El Diviso Colombia Tabi

Bringing together three superb Coffees not just from same area - the Normandia district of Huila, in the Brucellas, Pitalito region of Colombia - but from the same farm - El Diviso, is an exceptionally rare feat. Fox Coffee has curated this unique Coffee Flight Trio to give coffee lovers across Australia the opportunity to experience the difference Coffee varietals and processing methods play when it comes to creating the full flavour profile encapsulated in every cup of the world’s most popular drink.

While a few Australian Coffee Roasters have already released the stunning award-winning El Diviso Colombia Sidra, Fox Coffee is the first to create a unique El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio designed to highlight and celebrate the spectacular range, quality, and innovative skill of the El Diviso farm and more significantly, the Uribe family.
A bit about El Diviso
El Diviso is a family run farm founded by Mr. Jose Uribe Lasso in 1997. It sits 1,770m above sea level and spans about fourteen hectares, harvesting just once a year.
In 2022, Jose's three sons - Jonathan (29), Adrian (25) and Nestor (23) became more actively involved in farm management and production, with all three enthusiastically embracing and introducing innovative new manufacturing methods to the farm.
Of particular focus for this new generation of El Diviso management included: trialling long fermentation times, oxidation, anaerobic fermentation, and re-application of mucilage juices to the cherry during processing.

El Diviso Coffees included in our Fox Coffee Flight Trio are:

  • Colombia Geisha Honey - Due to the high altitude of El Diviso, constant cool temperatures force stable, slow maturation, ensuring the coffee retains its natural sugars and resulting sweetness. Geisha is certainly the Queen of Coffees, and we’re honoured to have her as part of this offering.
  • Colombia Bourbon Sidra - Bourbon Sidra is a hybrid varietal made from Red Bourbon and Typica varieties. While Red Bourbon coffees are high in yield and prized for their balance and sweetness, Typica is considered one of the ‘genus’ coffees (from which all other varieties mutated from) and typically have lower yields, but high cup quality and complex acidity.
  • Colombia Tabi - Tabi loves the high altitudes of this region, producing long branches with large fruit and seeds, Tabi offers body, rich and complex flavours with moderate acidity.
Curated for the Consummate Coffee lover or keen Coffee enthusiast, each Fox Coffee Flight Trio is a unique Coffee tasting experience containing:
  • 250g Colombia Geisha Honey
  • 250g Colombia Bourbon Sidra
  • 250g Colombia Tabi
  • Custom Information card & tasting notes with links to further information & content
  • Tips on how to maximise this limited El Diviso Experience including Tasting & Smelling protocol
  • Brewing methods and guides for these specific Roasts
  • Dedicated space for personal brew records & tasting notes
Fox Coffee strives for excellence within all areas of the coffee business, and believes that Coffee shouldn’t be exclusive, but rather accessible to all - Simple yet special. We source, roast, sell and educate about Coffees that not only meet our high-quality standards, but which also support grass root projects and people. With our foundations firmly planted in delivering easy, fresh coffee for all, we’re not chasing fads or trends. We’re sourcing and roasting with pride and honour and believe in taking the time to brew and serve with care and passion.
“These three stunning coffees stood out on the cupping table. What an amazing find to see they were all from the same farm. We’ve never seen this before. It’s such an opportunity to experience 3 coffees with the same terroir, but different varietal and processing method. This is the ultimate in coffee learning. One time only – don’t miss out.” says Operations Manager Corinne Chilcott.
Corinne went on to say, “Our exceptionally rare and first Fox Coffee Flight Trio is perfectly suited to anyone who simply loves their coffee or those who are keen to taste how different varietals and processing methods shape the end result once brewed in the cup.”
Fox Coffee is an independent Coffee Roastery located in the leafy hybrid residential/commercial suburb of Geebung in Brisbane’s inner north. We supply wholesale coffee to a range of Cafes and local businesses throughout SEQ, in addition to a retail offering inclusive of Coffee beans & brewing equipment at our Espresso Bar and online 24/7.

Our first Fox Coffee Flight Trio featuring El Diviso will have an exclusive pre-sale period. Due to the limited quantity of this Coffee Flight Trio, we encourage anyone interested to pre-order at their earliest opportunity.

There will be a special El Diviso Weekend Flight Festival on Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October 2022 at the Fox Coffee Roastery & Espresso Bar, 3 Ellison Road Geebung.
Our Coffee Flight Trio will be available to purchase in our Espresso Bar & Roastery from 22nd October and will be available for purchase on our website from Monday 24th October 2022.

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