El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio: Geisha Honey

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El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio: Geisha Honey

Geisha is a rare and beautiful varietal. There are many different varietals of the Arabica coffee plant, featuring their own genetic differences – think of it like varieties of tomatoes: beefsteak, tommy toe and grape, just to name a few. Each varietal has its own distinct growing, yield and flavour characteristics, including the ability to overcome disease and weather conditions.

Originally introduced into Colombia as project to improve the quality and diversity of range, Colombian Geisha has quickly become one of the world’s most prized and unique coffees.

‘Multiple factors contribute to the high price of Geisha beans. The first is that it is a tricky plant to cultivate. For a successful crop, you need to have a higher altitude (1,700-1,950m), and the timing of the harvest has to be precise with expedited processing. Also, the foliar system of the Geisha plant is thinner than other varietals, making photosynthesis less competent. The root system can also be feeble, not allowing sufficient water and energy intake. This means that the Geisha plant cannot produce as many beans as other coffee plant varietals. With Geisha beans, it is more about quality than quantity’. Source: Sagebrush Coffee 

Due to the high altitude of El Diviso, constant cool temperatures force stable, slow maturation, ensuring the coffee retains its natural sugars and resulting sweetness. Geisha is certainly the Queen of Coffees, and we’re honoured to have her as part of this offering.

Honey refers to the processing method of coffee cherries, once hand picked from the tree. Traditionally coffees are wet (washed) or natural (dry) processed after picking. Honey process (or pulp natural) sits in between, combing both elements to create a unique flavour profile.

Perfectly ripe cherries are pulped and left to dry without washing the remaining sticky mucilage away. This fruity, sticky layer is a lot like honey, hence its name.
The coffee slowly dries inside this sweet layer to be eventually milled before sorting and grading. The resulting flavour is more complex than a washed coffee, with less fruit notes than its natural counterpart.



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