Top 5 Essential Coffee Tools

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Top 5 Essential Coffee Tools

There's an undeniable joy in sipping a well-crafted cup of coffee.

While the basics are essential – fresh beans and a reliable brewing device – delving deeper into the coffee world unveils tools and accessories that can significantly enhance your brewing experience.

Here are our top picks, paired perfectly with Fox Coffee's speciality beans, to elevate your coffee game.


1. A Hand Grinder: Your Compact Coffee Companion

Space-saving and efficient, a hand grinder is an excellent addition to any kitchen. The key to unlocking the full potential of Fox Coffee’s beans lies in the ceramic burrs of a good hand grinder. These burrs excel in precision grinding, ensuring that each cup of coffee made with Fox Coffee’s beans is as fresh and flavorful as possible.





2. Bean Storage: Preserving the Perfection

Storing coffee beans is a subtle art. While freezing beans might seem like a good idea, it actually leads to moisture and faster degradation. We recommend using airtight and vacuum storage containers, which remove oxygen and extend the freshness and shelf life of our Fox Coffee beans, maintaining their rich and robust flavors.


3. Coffee Scale: Precision Brewing with Fox Coffee

Precision is crucial in coffee making. A kitchen coffee scale is indispensable for achieving brewing accuracy, the secret behind transforming a good cup into a remarkable one. When using our Fox Coffee beans, aim for the golden ratios – 1:2 for espresso (18 grams of coffee to 36 grams of liquid espresso) and 1:18 for manual brewing. This ensures every brew captures the unique characteristics of our beans.

4. Coffee Kettle: Temperature Matters

Water temperature plays a pivotal role in coffee extraction. A coffee-specific kettle, with its ability to set the ideal temperature, is a must-have for brewing with Fox Coffee beans. Avoid under-extracted, sour-tasting coffee by maintaining the optimal brewing temperature around 94°C, ensuring each cup is rich, lively, and full of flavor.


5. Electric Grinder: The Ultimate Upgrade

The most significant upgrade for home-brewing enthusiasts is an electric grinder. Grinding a fresh batch of Fox Coffee beans minutes before brewing enriches the taste, consistency, and aroma. The electric grinder is a game-changer, especially when it comes to releasing the full spectrum of flavors in our carefully selected beans.



Fox Coffee Beans: The Heart of Your Coffee Ritual

While these tools are essential, the heart of a great coffee experience lies in the beans themselves.

Fox Coffee's meticulously sourced and roasted beans are the perfect foundation for your coffee ritual.

From the rich aroma to the full-bodied taste, our beans are a testament to quality and craftsmanship.


Join Us in the Coffee Journey

At Fox Coffee, we're passionate about providing not just the finest beans, but also the knowledge and tools to make every coffee experience exceptional.

Whether you're a seasoned barista or a home-brewing novice, let Fox Coffee beans be the start of a journey towards coffee perfection.

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