Top 5 Useful Coffee Tools

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Top 5 Useful Coffee Tools


There is nothing better than a properly made cup of coffee. And sure, many people will tell you that you need nothing more than the basics for this — some nice fresh beans and a brewing device that you trust. However, once you get into the world of coffee — you will realize that it offers a wide range of tools and accessories that can make your brewing experience far better. With that in mind, we’ll tell you what some of our favorites are!


A Hand Grinder

If you’ve got space issues in your kitchen, there’s nothing better than having a hand grinder for your coffee. A hand grinder is the perfect tool to create as fresh as possible coffee at home. Ceramic burrs that all good hand grinders have are the best at grinding coffee with the precision needed to perfect that cup of coffee.


Bean Storage

Many people store their coffee in their freezers thinking that this will help prevent moisture. However — that’s not such a good idea. Each time you take the beans out of their storage, you will find that they gain some condensation and moisture. This leads to faster degrading of your beans.

Airtight and vacuum storage containers suck out all the oxygen leading to extended freshness and shelf life.



Coffee Scale

If you want to make excellent coffee, there’s another crucial element that you need.

And that’s precision!

That’s why we recommend getting coffee scale for your kitchen.

Accuracy of brewing is the difference between an ok cup and an amazing one.

Use your scale to measure how much coffee is going into your espresso machine and how much espresso is coming out. Aim for a 1:2 ratio for a perfect espresso ie:18 grams of ground coffee to 36grams of liquid espresso and 1:18 for manual brewing.


Coffee Kettle

Water temperature is an often-overlooked aspect of premium coffee brewing.

A coffee (or tea) specific kettle lets you set the perfect temperature for coffee extraction. They also have great features like timers and hold temperature functions too.

If your brewing water is too cold this can under extract the coffee beans, leading to sour, lifeless tasting coffee.

Optimal brewing temperature is around 94c.





Electric Grinder

Finally, we arrive at the go-to tool for coffee lovers. Indeed, there’s no bigger improvement that you’ll feel when it comes to home-brewed coffee than when you freshly grind a new batch of beans just minutes before you brew.

This has all kinds of positive effects — from enriching taste, consistency, to the gorgeous aroma that will fill your kitchen.

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