Hunter Blend

Grind Type

Go with a customer favourite when you choose our Hunter Blend. Widely chosen by home brewers for its easy-to-use nature and reliable and delicious flavour profile that perfectly compliments your morning routine.

The only beans that will do for this delicious blend are Premium Speciality 100% Arabica from the Colombia and Guatemala growing regions roasted to a medium-dark roast profile.

Beans from these regions respond well to roasting and don't tend to carry any unwanted bitterness into your cup.

Enjoy harmonious notes of dark chocolate, spice, and brown sugar when you treat yourself to a luxurious cup or pot of Hunter Blend Beans.

Ideal for home use in home espresso machines, plungers, stovetop (Moka Pot), and cold brew devices to delight your senses.


Flavour Profile:

Flavour- Dark chocolate, spice, brown sugar
Acidity- Mellow
Body- Full & smooth
Finish-Lingering spice


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