Hunter Cold Brew Concentrate 1.5L

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Less than $1 per serve!

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Hunter Cold Brew Concentrate 1.5L is the perfect way to enjoy Fox Coffee anywhere - no brewing equipment required.

A few reasons we LOVE our Hunter Cold Brew Concentrate:

  • It can be shipped Australia Wide via Australia Post
  • 50 serves in each cask - that makes it LESS THAN $1 per serve of fresh roasted Cold Brewed Coffee!
  • Long Best Before date - 3 months/90 days chilled shelf life, 4 weeks once opened
  • Can be served hot or cold, with or without milk or additions
  • Revamped and freshly roasted Hunter Blend brewed to perfection
  • Create the perfect strength coffee preference
  • Easy fit fridge door design
  • No leak, easy pour spout & inner bladder bag
  • Recyclable outer packaging
  • No mess. No fuss. Just real cold brew coffee.

Our Cold Brew Concentrate must be kept chilled / refrigerated once received to ensure its maintains maximum flavour.

Our Hunter Cold Brew Concentrate is perfect for road trips, picnics and sporting events. It's easy to pour pack sits at the ready in your fridge door, or on a shelf.

While we love it cold, with tons of ice to cool us during the hot Brisbane mornings, it makes a perfect starting base for a traditional hot coffee and easy morning routine. Better still, our Cold Brew Concentrate can be made that little bit extra fancy, with a dash of your favourite aperitif or a scoop of rich ice cream for an after dinner treat. 

Our Cold Brew Concentrate has been brewed to perfection using our Hunter Blend, which is especially suited to this preparation method as it brings out the flavours.

PLUS... we're just really excited to share this fantastic batch brewed concentrate with our Fox Coffee Community - it’s everything we strive for here and is the epitome of  Special Made Simple.