Roasters Choice Rotating Espresso Single Origin - Rotating Subscription

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Perfect For:

  • Home Espresso Machines
  • Plunger/French Press
  • Stove Top Moka Pots (Bialetti)
  • Cold Brew
  • AeroPress

Looking to change up what you're drinking week to week?

Want to experience an array of coffee flavours and tastes?

Roasters Choice Rotating Espresso Single Origin is for you.

Simply you'll receive what our roaster deems to be the best or most fun coffee at the time of purchasing.

This will be a coffee roasted 'espresso' style for use home espresso machines, plungers, stovetops etc. 

Usually, this will be a unique fruity coffee (but not always). 

Essentially it is a new coffee every 4 weeks, depending on the frequency of your order we'll endeavour to change it up each time. Ie: if you order 500g every two weeks, there's the possibility you may receive the same coffee twice. 

The coffees will depend on stock availability at any given time.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept requests for coffee preferences at this time, it's a get what we select situation. 

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