Coffee Blend Tasting Pack 750g, 1.5kg or 3kg ** SAVE 25%!***

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Why Settle for One When You Can Have Three? 

  • Crafted Blend: Imagine starting your day with the sweet embrace of milk chocolate, the rich tease of toffee, and the cozy warmth of hazelnuts. It's not just coffee; it's a morning ritual.

  • Dusk Blend: As the day winds down, indulge in the deep, comforting notes of rich cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, and the indulgent touch of fudge. It's like dessert, but better, because it's your evening coffee.

  • Hunter Blend: For the adventurers, the seekers of spice and all things nice, this blend brings dark chocolate and spice with a hint of brown sugar to your cup. It's bold, it's daring, it's your midday pick-me-up.

Tailor Your Journey

  • Choose Your Size: Whether you're a casual coffee drinker or a true aficionado, we've got you covered. Pick from 750g, 1.5kg, or go all out with 3kg of pure coffee delight.
  • Uncover your Favourite: Each blend is a masterpiece, waiting to be discovered. With our Tasting Pack, you're the judge, the jury, and the happy sipper. Find your blend, find your bliss.

Why Fox Coffee? 

  • Roasted Today, At Your Door ASAP: We roast our beans daily. Order by 1pm, and we dispatch the same day. Our competitors? They'll make you wait, not knowing when your beans were roasted or when they'll ship. With us, it's fresh out of the roaster and on its way to you, pronto. That's the freshest coffee, guaranteed.

  • State-of-the-Art Roasting for Smoother Sips: Our secret weapon? A top-notch IMF Italian Hot Air roaster. It treats our beans gently, coaxing out a smoother, richer flavor with zero roast taste. And while we're on the topic of secrets, most competitors keep quiet about their roasting methods. Not us. We're proud and loud about the technology that makes our coffee a cut above.

  • Consistency Is Key: Thanks to our industry-leading Cropster roasting software, every batch is a repeat performance of perfection. Imagine the most consistent coffee beans you've ever had. That's what we deliver, every single time.

  • Small Batches, Big Flavour: We roast in small batches, specifically to order. No sitting on shelves, no old beans. Just fresh, aromatic coffee that makes every sip a revelation.

  • Hundreds of Raving Reviews: We're not the only ones singing the praises of Fox Coffee. With hundreds of reviews backing us up, it's clear we're doing something right. Most competitors? Radio silence. No reviews, no trust. We stand proudly by our reputation, built on the satisfaction of coffee lovers like you.

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