Coffee Blend Tasting Pack 750g, 1.5kg or 3kg (30% off & Free Shipping!)

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Fabulous speed. I ordered the 750g tasting pack and it was delivered the next day... for free! Such a good product, quick speed and easy purchase. - Anna W


  • 750g = 3 x 250g, 1.5kg = 3 x 500g, 3kg = 3 x 1kg
  • Crafted Blend- Medium Roast, Hunter Blend- Medium/Dark Roast, Dusk Blend- Dark Roast
  • 3 Freshly Roasted Coffee Blends - Perfect for all brewing devices.
  • Brew Like a Pro – Brewing the best cup of coffee starts with finding your favourite roast and blend.
  • 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans from Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, and Costa Rica.
  • Perfection- Every bean in every blend is roasted individually to extract the perfect flavour to create a smooth, flavoursome coffee, with a silky crema and no bitter after taste.
  • Roasted in Brisbane, Australia on a state of the art Probatone P12 Roaster.
  • Fast Dispatch- Order before 1pm Mon-Fri and your order leaves THAT DAY.
  • 24hrs Old - We roast every day, so your coffee is as fresh as possible when it leaves us.


Not sure which coffee blend is for you? Try our 3 unique blends in 750g size tasting pack (3 x 250g), large 1.5kg (3 x 500g) or, extra large 3kg (3 x 1kg) packs

We use the highest quality speciality grade coffee beans from the best growing regions in the world.

All our coffees are roasted on a state of the art Probatone P12 roaster and use cutting edge Cropster roasting software to re-create the perfect roast time after time.

Not only can we grind these coffees any way you like, but we’ll ship them anywhere in Australia for free!

These coffee blends are roasted to an “espresso” roast profile - Meaning that they are perfect to use in a home espresso machine, stove top (Moka) pot, plunger, and cold brewers.


In this pack, you’ll receive-


Crafted Blend

Flavour-Sweet milk chocolate, toffee, hazelnuts
Acidity- Smooth & low
Body- Buttery
Finish- Candied hazelnuts


Dusk Blend

Flavour-Cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, fudge
Acidity- Low
Body- Bold & rich
Finish- Mud cakey


Hunter Blend

Flavour- Dark chocolate, spice, brown sugar
Acidity- Mellow
Body- Full & smooth
Finish-Lingering spice