Coffee Christmas Buying Guide 2020

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Coffee Christmas Buying Guide 2020

The Perfect Christmas Gift Buying Guide For People Who Love Caffeine

With Christmas just around the corner, most of us are scrambling to find the right gift for our loved ones.

Choosing the best present always means taking the time to consider how to benefit the person that you are shopping for.

It requires finding a delicate balance between what they want and what they need.

Since most of us are now relying on resources at home to get our daily caffeine fix, we wanted to provide the ultimate Christmas gift guide for the caffeine lovers in your life.

Read on to learn how you can lean on coffee and tea to create a specialised gift for the people you love most!

Coffee Beans -Tasting Pack & Filter Roasted Pack 

The world is filled with coffee lovers, which is what makes buying new coffee beans such a good option.

You can provide your gift recipients with a bespoke taste of something delicious that is guaranteed to start their day off right.

So many people simply grab the same old plain coffee beans off the shelf at the supermarket.

Why not treat them to a taste of luxury with something a little extra special?

Every person has different preferences when it comes to coffee, which can make it a little difficult to choose the right one for them.

This is why it is great to purchase someone a Tasting Pack, which is filled with a variety of delicious coffee beans that are sure to dazzle and delight even the pickiest coffee drinkers.

They must just find their new favourite!
The Fox Coffee Tasting Pack is perfect for however you like your coffee.

Our Crafted and Dusk Blends are our main blends that we use at our roastery and our wholesales clients use.

These blends are particularly good though a Home Espresso Machine, Plunger, Stovetop, or Moka Pots.

Our Hunter Blend is popular with home brewers for its easy to use nature and shines in Home Espresso Machines, Cold Brewing, Plunger and Stovetop Moka Pots.
The Filter Roasted Pack is great for the semi coffee expert who loves a Pour Over, AeroPress or Drip coffee.

It’s best to check to see if this is what your gift recipient drinks before purchasing as these are used in specific manual brewing devices and not for home espresso machines.
You might just be able to help them find their new favorite flavor.

If nothing else, they will think of you every morning when they start their day!




AeroPress Coffee Maker 

The AeroPress is for many the gateway to easy manual home coffee brewing - and most never look back.

AeroPress coffee brewers remark on its versatility in
its range of coffee brewing styles, its approachable user-friendly nature and the ability to add on attachments to ‘supercharge’ the coffee styles you can create.

It’s the perfect gift for new brewer as it comes with everything you need in the box - just add your ground coffee beans and hot water, plunge and enjoy!  

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Cold Brewed Coffee Makers –
Toddy Cold Brewer& Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot 


Cold brew coffee is a much-loved variation of coffee brewing that has grown in popularity in recent years.

While it might be extra delicious in summer, it isn’t just a warm weather beverage.

Cold brew coffee lovers are known to reach for a nice cold brew all year round.

The secret is the way brewing with cold water extracts less bitterness from your coffee and gives you a special, rich, smooth flavor and extra boost of caffeine.

Giving them the ability to make their very own cold brew at home with a cold brew pot is a great way to help them save money and impress their friends!

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Electric Gooseneck Kettles – Brewista Smart Pour Kettle

An electric kettle is an investment that just keeps on giving. Not only are thesec kettles incredibly easy to use, but they are perfect for making exceptional coffee and tea.

With their lightning fast heating systems and their long list of uses, an
electric kettle is the perfect utility item for any kitchen.

The Gooseneck allows for precision pouring and the variable temperature setting is good for degree perfect accuracy - both a must when manual brewing flawless coffee (and helpful for making a perfect cup of tea too!).

A good kettle can last for years, all while making the lives of your loved ones easier and warmer!


Stovetop Moka Pot

Fans of espresso coffee are known to lament just how much it can cost to make at home.

The majority of espresso machines are thousands of dollars, making it all too easy to keep going back to the local coffee shop for your daily fix.

Fortunately, a Stovetop Moka Pot gives users the ability to make the closest thing to espresso at home for a completely affordable price.

Of course, you don’t have to tell them just how much you saved when buying them this incredibly helpful gift!

With this machine, your loved ones can enjoy full-bodied espresso in a matter of minutes.




A Coffee Hand Grinder – 

Rhinowares Hand Grinderand Porlex Mini Hand Grinder

Coffee grinders are an often-overlooked item in the world of coffee. The fact is that freshly ground coffee beans provide a noticeably better taste than preground coffee.

A Simple hand coffee grinder makes it easy for coffee lovers
to grind fresh coffee in only seconds and also saves hundreds of dollars on expensive electric coffee grinders.

Make it easy for the people you love to drink better coffee at home with this simple device.

They will be singing your praises by the next morning! 





New Tea Flavors - Origin Tea & Sticky Chai Tea

Not everyone loves coffee, and while we might not understand it, we can certainly appreciate it.

Tea is a versatile drink that can help suit any part of your day.

It doesn’t matter if you want a brilliant pick-me-up first thing in the morning or a way to settle down in the evening after a long day.

Tea is perfect for meeting the needs of anyone, no matter what the occasion is.

Show your loved ones just how much you care with a nice sticky chai or forest berry blend to kick off their morning right.





Final Thoughts

For many of us, caffeine plays a huge role in helping us to make it through the day.

There is just something special about a delicious drink that is able to lift us up when we are barely awake.

Coffee and tea can help us get ready for our day whether it is work, school, or just getting some chores done.

Help those around you to truly benefit from their gift this year by giving them the ability to wake up ready for the day ahead.

You simply can’t beat giving a gift that you know will be used and will benefit those that you love, so get shopping!

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