Delter Coffee Press Review: Just an AeroPress Rip Off?

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Delter Coffee Press Review: Just an AeroPress Rip Off?

Author: Cameron Jensen, Fox Coffee Barista Extraordinaire 


Delter Coffee Press: Just an AeroPress Rip Off?


From the outset let’s be honest. I was sceptical. Very sceptical. A new revolutionary homebrew AeroPress look alike? I don’t think so, that money can stay in my wallet thank you very much.

But the thing is. I love it. Like, a lot.

I’ve been in the coffee game for a while now, and there are some pretty ridiculous products. Like, why exactly do I need to use a bamboo stick to stir my coffee, what is wrong with a spoon? So, when the Delter Coffee Press came out, I thought much the same.

That is until I tried one. Simply put… “Dang, that’s tasty!”

On only my second attempt it produced the cleanest, tastiest filter coffee I have had from an alternative brew device in years. And get this, it didn't require a Bachelor of Chemistry and it didn’t cost $250 in gear.

Coffee plus water equaled pure satisfaction, and one shocked barista.

Somehow, whether design or magic, the team from Delter Coffee have created a device where simplicity has not compromised on quality.


Going Deeper:

The innovation comes through what they call “injection brewing”, which prevents uncontrolled agitation whilst brewing.

Agitation is the interaction between ground beans and water during the brewing process; if there is too much agitation, the coffee tends to be over-extracted and bitter.

Little-to-no agitation may produce sourness and inconsistency between brews.

Coffee lovers have typically attempted to control agitation with pouring techniques and different levels of stirring (remember the bamboo stirrer?), but the results are very barista dependent.

Injection brewing causes the beans and water to only interact under the watch of a two-stage system which produces a faster, cleaner cup with less bitterness.

Though I do enjoy the flair and skill that a goose-neck kettle brings to my life, sometimes I just want a tasty coffee without all the specificity.






Delter Coffee Press vs. AeroPress Coffee Maker

So, where does this put the AeroPress? What should I buy?

The AeroPress has taken longstanding residence within my coffee cupboard at home, and I love the thing. Portable, nice taste, easy to clean, and able to produce both a filter and a more intense espresso-style brew – it’s a winner.

You see, the AeroPress – like the classic French Press – employs immersion brewing. A process by which the ground coffee is fully submerged for the entire brew process, allowing the coffee to reach full extraction before the user removes the brewed coffee by pressing it out.

By all accounts, this is a tried and true method and it is what allows the AeroPress to produce its diversity of brews, but it has its weaknesses – reenter agitation.

If you leave agitation completely up to the barista, you re-introduce the consequences and complexity of over-agitating or under-agitating.

At the end of the day, when you are trying to produce that super clean Kenyan filter that reminds you of the blackcurrant juice that you used to sneak as a kid, you can’t quite get there.

You will, no matter what, have less clarity in the cup. 

In terms of portability, ease to clean and build, the Delter and AeroPress are practically akin.

Critically, the AeroPress is equipped with that ever so satisfying ‘pop’ when you're removing those used grinds, so take that into account.

What should you buy? That is your call. Let’s just say I’ll be giving my Delter Press more of a workout from now on.

Happy brewing! 



Buy The Delter Coffee Press Here

Buy 500g or more of coffee and will send it too you or free!


Check out my recipes below:

Filter Roast: 18g beans | 200ml water | Medium coarse grind (like a pour over)

Espresso Roast: 14g | 200ml water | Medium fine


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March 04, 2020

Hi team, looking to purchase a Delter Coffee Press. Before I place my order, can you please confirm if the Able Reusable Brewing Disk Filter (standard) fits the Delter as well?

Thanks in advance.

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