The History of the Flat White

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The History of the Flat White


A Brew Born from Simplicity


From the hustle and bustle of Australian coffee shops to the refined air of global coffee chains, one drink has steadily staked its claim as a true classic – the Flat White.

Its simple elegance, balanced flavour profile, and velvety smooth texture have made it a beloved staple across the globe.

But do you know the roots of this now ubiquitous brew? 

Born on Antipodean shores, the Flat White's origins are a subject of friendly contention between Australians and New Zealanders.

While the origin story remains a little foggy, one thing is certain: the Flat White as we know it began its journey in the 1980s, a time when the coffee culture was in its infancy in both nations.



Our Kiwi friends across the ditch argue that the Flat White was first brewed in Wellington, New Zealand's capital city, known for its robust coffee scene.

According to the Kiwi version, baristas began pouring shots of espresso over velvety steamed milk, resulting in a strong coffee taste with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

This distinctive coffee quickly gained traction and was dubbed a 'Flat White' due to its lighter colour compared to a traditional black coffee.

Meanwhile, Aussies believe the birth of the Flat White happened in Sydney. The story goes that Alan Preston of Moors Espresso Bar started serving the Flat

White after noticing that locals were not accustomed to the Italian style of milky coffee.



He sought to create a brew that was 'flat' in comparison to the frothy cappuccino yet richer than a latte, thus, the Flat White was born.

Regardless of the truth, the Flat White quickly became a standout in Australia and New Zealand, steadily permeating the local coffee cultures.

By the early 2000s, the Flat White was not only a favourite Down Under, but was beginning to make waves internationally.

Enter the scene: specialty coffee.

The new wave of coffee appreciation that was sweeping the globe helped catapult the Flat White to international stardom.

This was due in part to adventurous Aussie and Kiwi baristas taking their skills abroad, bringing the much-loved Flat White along with them.

Once it hit the trendy cafés in the UK and the United States, it was only a matter of time before this humble Antipodean brew captured the hearts of coffee lovers everywhere.

When global coffee chains such as Starbucks added the Flat White to their menus, the drink was well and truly enshrined in the global coffee lexicon.


Fox Coffee's Take on the Iconic Flat White

At Fox Coffee, we celebrate the Flat White as more than just a beverage; it's a testament to coffee's ability to evolve yet remain true to its roots.

We've perfected our rendition, combining a double shot of our meticulously roasted Crafted Blend espresso with silky steamed milk.

The result? A Flat White that honours its heritage while delivering a modern, refined taste.

Simple Ingredients, Complex Flavors

What we love most about the Flat White is its straightforwardness.

No frills, no fuss – just quality espresso and expertly handled milk.

It's coffee in its most authentic form, showcasing the natural harmony of flavours and textures.

For us, the Flat White isn't just a drink; it's a tribute to our Australian heritage, a commitment to unwavering quality, and a belief in the unifying power of a great cup of coffee.

Your Invitation to Extraordinary Flavors with Fox Coffee’s Crafted Blend

At Fox Coffee, we welcome both long-time admirers and first-time explorers of the beloved Flat White to a unique tasting experience with our Crafted Blend.

Our expertly crafted blend is the heart of our Flat White, offering a harmonious balance of sweet milk chocolate, rich toffee, and savoury hazelnuts.

Each cup, meticulously prepared by our skilled baristas, is a testament to the Flat White’s timeless elegance and our dedication to coffee excellence.

Join us in celebrating this cherished coffee tradition with Fox Coffee’s signature touch.

Here’s to the Flat White, redefined by our Crafted Blend – a modern twist on a classic that continues to enchant coffee lovers around the globe.


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