Colombia Clara Isabel (Espress Roast)

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Flavour Profile:

Flavour- Apricot, Passion Fruit, Hibiscus
Process Method- Honey

Perfect For- Home espresso machine, Plunger, Stovetop, Coldbrew, Clever dripper 


Clara Moncanut owns a 5-hectare farm called Salsipuedes, where she grows Castillo coffee.

Harvesting happens when the cherries ripen to purple, and they are depulped the same day they're picked.

After depulping, the cherries are put in a concrete fermentation tank and monitored closely until they reach 7° or 8° Bx. Typically this takes 14–20 hours, depending on the weather.

The coffee is dried in the sun on patios, or in a casa elba (rooftop drying structure) or a drying structure that has a plastic gable roof.