Melitta White Paper Filters - 40pk

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  • Natural taste and smell - Chlorine Free
  • Market leading "3 Aromazone" technology or coffee flavour enhancement
  • Innovative AromaPor PLUS pores for increased coffee oil flow
  • Thicker paper, to ensure proper absorbency, texture, strength & optimal filtering
  • Double Crimp Filter Design to help protect against bursting
  • 100% Compostable
  • Made in Germany

German engineering at its finest. Melitta pioneered the first paper filters back in 1908 as has been the paper filter leaders ever since.

The patented "3 Aromazone" technology and “AromaPor PLUS” in Melitta's #4 White Paper filters is second to none. 

3 patented Aromazones with specially arranged Aromapores ensuring that your filter coffee develops its flavour perfectly.

  1. UNFOLDING: The lower zone, the so-called 'pre-brewing zone', allows the initial flavours of your coffee to develop.
  2. REFINING: The middle zone ensures even and consistent brewing and refines the aroma of your coffee.
  3. BALANCING: The top zone prevents a bitter taste and guarantees a balanced aroma.

The innovative AromaPor PLUS allow the fine coffee oils to flow through better; these oils contain more than 800 coffee flavours. This gives you even more Aroma Variety and an enhanced taste experience,

Melitta's #4 White Paper filters all feature a Double Crimp Filter Design to help protect against bursting, thicker paper to ensure proper absorbency, texture, and strength for optimal filtering.

Ideal for use in Clever Coffee Drippers, Hario V60, Bonavita Thermal Carafe, Snow Peak dripper, and most cone-shaped pour-over brewers or wherever Filtropa filter papers are used.

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