Enhance your El Diviso Coffee Flight experience

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Enhance your El Diviso Coffee Flight experience

Did you know: Your nose plays a bigger part in ‘tasting’ coffee than your tongue?

Surprisingly, our tongues are sensitive to big flavour components like sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami yet, the nuance of florals, fruits and sugars comes from aromatics travelling up your nose to the olfactory nerve, located at the roof of the nasal cavity (at the top of your nose).

While many people enjoy coffee for the ritual it provides within a busy lifestyle, Coffee tasting is a full sensory experience and can be enhanced with a little know how and guidance. 

We've included some resources below on how professional coffee tasters and roasters alike create tasting notes and flavour profiles that accompany coffee.  Not only can this information deepen your coffee knowledge, but it may also enhance your El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio experience by providing a framework and guidance allowing you to develop your own personalised tasting notes for these very special coffees. 

Common Tasting & Smelling Parameters for Coffee

  • Fragrance is the smell of dry coffee, ground just before brewing. Don’t skip the opportunity to experience the wonderful, but fleeting, volatiles in ground coffee. Big deep breaths.
  • Aroma is experienced by smelling wet coffee (always lean in a take some deep breaths when brewing). Best noted after stirring a plunger or AeroPress, during the bloom of a filter coffee, or finished espresso.
  • Flavour is perceived when drinking coffee. Spices, nuts, florals, fruits (including berries, dried fruits, stone fruits, citrus), whiskey, chocolate, syrup, teas and syrups are all positive (and actual) characteristics in the cup. Slurp your coffee, mixing it with air over your tongue for a full and even experience.
  • Acidity is the brightness of coffee when drinking. Citrusy, sparkling and refreshing tones are all positive signs of acidity. Low acid is not a negative trait, but high acid or acrid tones are undesirable.
  • Body is the result of high sugars in the coffee. Viscosity is perceived as full, medium and thin…and everything in between. When drinking coffee, body can be described as mouthfeel (like how you can differentiate skim milk and full cream milk by mouthfeel).
  • Finish is the feeling once you have finished drinking your coffee. Is it clean and fleeting, or long and lingering? Both have their place – especially in a blend.

Coffee Tasting Wheel

Counter Culture Coffee Wheel

Click the above image to open a larger image of the Counter Culture Coffee Wheel

Don't forget to use the Tasting Notes included with your El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio to guide you in the natural beauty in these coffees, but be open to the nuance of your brew method, and what impact this has in the cup.

We encourage you to prepare all 3 coffees in the same brew style & method, in close succession to experience how the varietal and processing methods used create striking differences to coffee that has been grown in the same soil, altitude and ripening.

We’d love to hear what you’ve discovered, and which coffee is your favourite. Please tag us on Instagram, Facebook or Tiktok in as you taste.

Haven't ordered your El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio? There's still time to experience this remarkable tasting experience here.

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