How to Brew Guide: El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio

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How to Brew Guide: El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio

Every coffee has its own unique Brew recipe to help maximise your taste and scent experience. We've included information below about how to make the most of your delicious and exclusively Limited drop El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio.

A few simple pieces of equipment will come in handy:

  1. Scales – measuring to .01g. Scales ensure the correct coffee to water ratio is achieved. No one wants weak or watery coffee – especially when brewing these beauties. If you don't have any you can purchase our Rhino Scales($32) alongside your order. They get a little more expensive with additional features like timers, but these Rhino Coffee Gear Pocket scales are perfect so don’t be shy – we use them every day to brew!
  2. Your regular coffee brewer – You don't need anything fancy (leave that to the coffee!). If you’ve got a plunger or drip filter in the cupboard, grab it out. Aeropress and home espresso machines are also excellent. Make sure you have enough filter papers if required for your specific device.
  3. Filtered water.Yes this is important, it’s 99% of your coffee! Make the effort. Heat it up to 96 degrees but not up to a rolling boil – this de-oxygenates the water, and oxygen is a carrier of flavour.
  4. Clean equipment. Make sure the device is clean. Backflush (and re-season) your home espresso machine, unscrew and scrub your plunger screens and treat everything to a hot, soapy wash, ensuring your equipment is thoroughly rinsed free of any detergents.

Now we have the gear sorted, lets look at the various Brewing Recipes suitable for this tantalising trio.


Brewing recipes by device

  Plunger method

  1. For a 3-cup plunger (the ones that are about 15cm tall, making one mug of coffee), measure 18g of coarsely ground coffee into a plunger you’ve already warmed up with a shot of hot water, then tipped out.
  2. Pour in 300ml of hot water (yes, measure this too), making sure all of the coffee is wet.
  3. Give your coffee a good stir with a dessert spoon and let it sit for 2 minutes. Some recipes state 4 minutes but frankly we can’t wait that long.
  4. Plunge and serve into a pre-warmed cup. If the coffee is difficult to plunge, don’t force it (this is glass after all). Press down 1cm, then lift up the plunger slightly - the ‘crust’ should sink to the bottom.
  5. Pour everything out of the plunger (don’t let it keep brewing in there) and sit down with the Tasting Notes.

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 Drip Filter / Filter Coffee / Pour Over method

Firstly, this is hotly contested so if you have a recipe you love, stick with it. If you’re starting out or strengthening your brewing game, give this one a go - just make it consistent Every. Single. Time.

  1. Place your filter with paper over your serving cup / mug and pour hot water through to wet the entire paper and warm your equipment.
  2. Weigh 15g of medium ground coffee (this is very ambiguous, so make sure you’ve corrected the grind on another, cheaper coffee before you go playing with the grind on these coffees) into the filter and position over your cup.
  3. Pour 30mls of hot water over the coffee. Do your best to ensure all of the coffee is wet with this small amount of water, and let the coffee ‘bloom’ undisturbed for 30 seconds while the ground coffee puffs up and begins releasing all of those wonderful aromatics.
  4. Continue pouring water over the coffee slowly and evenly, taking around 1 min 30 seconds to pour the remaining 220mls (250mls in total) over the coffee in concentric circles. Our aim is for an ensures an even extraction.
  5. Allow all of the coffee to filter through, sit back and revel in your sommelier-like pouring achievement.

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Aeropress method

This method is slightly tricky, so bear with me. The inversion method gives you all the body of a full immersion brew (like plunger) and cleanliness of infusion method (filter). It’s definitely worth a go.

  1. Without the screen and filter in place. Position the plunger into the top of the aeropress and tip the unit upside down so the hexagonal end is upward facing (and the plunger downward facing on your kitchen counter). Ensure there is a tight seal between the two components.
  2. Weigh 20g of medium ground coffee (see drip filter notes on grind) into the hexagonal opening of the aeropress, then 200ml of hot water. Stir well, steadying the base while it is inverted and leave to brew for 2 minutes.
  3. Warm your cup and wet the paper filter in the screen.
  4. Screw the screen onto the aeropress and carefully (liquid is hot) tip upside down over and onto your cup. Press fully. If this sounds all too difficult, google “inverted aeropress” and watch a short video, I promise it’s easy enough.
  5. Wait for the final “shhhhh” to stop and relax with the Tasting Notes to review the flavours in your cup.

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 Espresso Machine method

Well if you thought the Aeropress was difficult to explain, this could (and should) take hours. Let’s just skip to the important parts.

  1. Warm everything up, purge and prep.
  2. Dose 22g of finely ground coffee. Level, tamp, polish and perfect.
  3. Extract for 25-30 seconds for 44ml of espresso.
  4. Keep it black if that’s what you enjoy, or at least take some big deep breaths in of this espresso’s aroma before adding your milk of choice.

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 Once you've selected your Brew recipe, it's time to get prepared (and excited!) for the sensory element of this unique Coffee Flight tasting experience.  

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