Cold Brew Coffee, Everything You Need to Know.

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Cold Brew Coffee, Everything You Need to Know.

Cold Brew Coffee, Everything You Need to Know.

With summer just around the corner, and warmer days on the horizon now is a great time to perfect your Cold Brew recipes.

Not only can you create your own Cold Brew Concentrate, but we make it even easier to access freshly roasted, quality Cold Brew, with our NEW Hunter Blend Cold Brew Concentrate 1.5L easy pour, no leak cask.

But before we get onto creating or helping you order your new best coffee friend, let's learn a little more about Cold Brew Coffee.

What is cold brew Coffee? 

Cold Brew Coffee is coarsely ground coffee that’s steeped in cold water (as opposed to the usual hot water), left to brew for 3-24hrs, strained, then drunk.

The Cold Brew Coffee method decreases the naturally occurring acidity (the bright, “bite” or tartness you may taste) and increases the smooth, rich flavours. 

It is a concentrate that can be cut with water, served over ice or with milk. 

It’s cold, smooth, and delicious.

Think of it as the dark chocolate of the chilled coffee world.

What’s the difference between iced coffee and cold brew?

Iced coffee is brewed hot, then chilled. It tends to be bright and more acidic. 

Cold brew is steeped in cold water for many hours, filtered, and served with water and ice. 

Cold brew tends to be rich and smooth. 


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Why should the brewing temperature make a difference? 

All coffee beans contain chemical compounds that produce an acidic-tasting quality. 

That’s a good thing! The acidity makes up a big part of coffees’ flavour profile. 

Hot water draws out the acidic chemical compounds. Cold water does not.

Is Cold Brew Coffee better than Ice coffee?

That’s all up to you. Cold brew is exciting because of its unusual brewing method and its smooth, often cocoa-y flavour profile but iced coffee is delicious too. 

Can I brew it at home? 

Of course! 

We recommend the Toddy Cold Brew System as it's great for large batches. 

Another option is the Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Pot as it comes with an inbuilt filter that never needs replacing. 

There's also the option to let us do all the work for you with our Cold Brew Concentrate!

Alternatively, you can make it with a few household items 

  • Coarsely-ground coffee,
  • A large jar
  • Cool water
  • Cheesecloth
  • And some patience. 

Cold brew takes 3-24 hours to brew, depending on your preferences.

What kind of coffee should I use to make cold brew? 

If you like bright, tart coffees, a light or medium roast with naturally occurring acidity will retain some of those qualities in the cold brew. 

Many people prefer dark roasts without much naturally-occurring acidity for the smoothest, richest possible cold brew.

We recommend our Crafted Blend if you want a milder, caramel flavoured cold brew or our Hunter blend if you prefer a strong rich coffee that you can make yourself.


Cold Brewing Instructions: 

  • Take your coarsely-ground coffee (ground for a French Press/Plunger) and pour it in the jar. 
  • Add your cold water (no ice!), stir, cover, and let it sit on your bench for a minimum of 3 but no more than 24hrs.
  • We recommend one part coffee to four parts water.
  • No need to refrigerate while it’s brewing.
  • The longer it steeps, the stronger the concentrate will be.
  • When it’s done brewing, pour it through the cheesecloth and into a clean pitcher.
  • To serve, pour equal parts of the concentrate and either water if you want to drink it black, or with milk. 

Cold brew will keep fresh in your fridge for up to a week, and our Hunter Cold Brew Concentrate will last up to 3 months in the fridge.  


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