Video Guide - How To Make Coffee On Home Espresso Machine

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Video Guide - How To Make Coffee On Home Espresso Machine

How to make espresso coffee at home using our bestselling Crafted Blend on a Breville Duel Boiler espresso machine.



Take a step-by-step guide with Gillian to create delicious Fox Coffee at home.

The recommended espresso recipe is a 1:2 ratio of ground coffee to espresso (Gillian is using 20gms) to create 40gms of liquid espresso.


Top Tip-

Use a scale to keep yourself on track.

Much like a Chef creating a perfect dish.

Using a scale helps you identify where you've gone wrong and is the fast way to 'dial in' your brew.

You can do this by weighing your ground coffee and then weighing your liquid espresso.

This will help inform your decisions if your coffee is tasting not quite right.


Problem - Coffee too bitter? Could be over extracted.

The Fix - Keep the dose the same (the 20gms of ground coffee) and just grind your coffee a little coarser.


Problem- Coffee too weak.

The Fix- Not enough espresso in your cup/or you’re using too much milk.

Up the dose (20.5gms of ground coffee) to 41gms of liquid espresso (keeping that 1:2 ratio)

Or just use a little less milk in your cup!

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