Introducing the El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio by Fox Coffee

At Fox Coffee, we’re all about Special made Simple – but what we're about to bring is something that is more than special.
It's a unique chance to experience coffee like we've never before, brought to us by El Diviso, a family run farm in Colombia.
Founded in 1997 by Mr. Jose Uribe Lasso in the Normandia district of Huila. It is about a 30-minute drive northwest of Huila's Brucellas, Pitalito region of Colombia. It sits 1,770m above sea level and spans about 14 hectares, harvesting just once a year.
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In 2022, Jose's three sons - Jonathan (29), Adrian (25) and Nestor (23) became more actively involved in farm management and production, with all three enthusiastically embracing and introducing innovative new manufacturing methods to the farm.

Of particular focus for this new generation of El Diviso management includes: trialling long fermentation times, oxidation, anaerobic fermentation, and re-application of mucilage juices to the cherry during processing.
Now you know a little about El Diviso, it's time to discover the remarkably special coffees we've selected for our first Coffee Flight Trio.
El Diviso Spotlight: Colombia Geisha
El Diviso Spotlight: Colombia Tabi
El Diviso Spotlight: Colombia Sidra

Explore more about our El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio and discover how you can be one of the very few people to experience this remarkable Coffee tasting experience with Fox Coffee.

Join us for our Self Guided Coffee Flight (Sat 22 & Sun 23 Oct 2022)
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