El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio: Tabi Natural

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El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio: Tabi Natural

Surrounding El Diviso’s coffee plantation and mill, Mr. Jose Uribe Lasso and his family keep a natural reserve close to 5 hectares in size. This un-touched land helps to preserve the natural flora and fauna and ensure diversity of the landscape.

The name Tabi means “good” in the Guambiano (a native Colombian tribe) dialect but this coffee is so much more than good.

In 1961, Colombia’s Coffee Research Institute, CENICAFE, began research and field trials with Hibrido de Timor. By 1968, the same organization was combining Timor hybrid with the popular Caturra cultivar, a program that was to continue in even fuller force throughout the 1970s. In 1982, CENICAFE released the Colombia cultivar, a product of five generations of breeding and backcrossing in the Catimor line in order to marry disease resistance with good cup quality and productivity.

Research continued throughout the 1980s and 90s and, even, accelerated in the race to discover a truly resistant strain that didn’t sacrifice flavour.  In 2002, CENICAFE introduced the Tabi cultivar: a variety obtained by crossing Typica, Bourbon and Timor Hybrid. One of the most important attributes is its resistance to coffee leaf rust, but it also displays the good cup quality characteristics of its Bourbon and Typica parents.’ Source: Coffee Hunter

Tabi loves the high altitudes of this region, producing long branches with large fruit and seeds, Tabi offers body, rich and complex flavours with moderate acidity. You can learn more about the Natural processing method here.

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