El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio: Sidra Natural

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El Diviso Coffee Flight Trio: Sidra Natural

Bourbon Sidra is a hybrid varietal made from Red Bourbon and Typica varieties. Red Bourbon coffees are high in yield and prized for their balance and sweetness. Typica is considered one of the ‘genus’ coffees (from which all other varieties mutated from). Typica coffees are known for their high cup quality and complex acidity yet relatively low yield.

Together, the Bourbon Sidra offers balanced sweetness, fresh acidity and intensity of flavours.

‘Instead of any process that involve depulping and demucilaging, the [natural] dry process leaves the entire coffee cherry in-tact to dry in the sun, allowing the beans to draw in all the flavours of the fruit, mucilage and parchment layers. By the time the coffee is ready, its moisture level will have been reduced to 10-12%. It is a mostly hands-on method and uses very little (if any) machinery at any point, meaning that the dry process sometimes carries more risk as there is much more room for human error.

The enclosed environment in which the coffee beans inhabit due to the surrounding layer of fruit supports fermentation during the drying process. After drying the beans can be hulled from the cherry and sent off to be shipped. The main issue that arises with the use of this method is that the flavours of all the coffee beans can often be uneven, which means that stringent tasting and testing must be undertaken in order to ensure that the coffee is evenly flavoured. Often beans that all come from the same batch must be separated from one another so that only higher quality beans remain in higher quality batches.’ Source: Coffee Cartel.

El Diviso natural coffees are handpicked at their ripest, and naturally dried under controlled conditions, including homogeneous temperatures, to ensure durability to the bean and quality in cup.

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